Other Guys



Comics: 16
Recent Appearance: Chapter 9 - Page 11
First Appearance: Chapter 1 - Page 1

Race: Orc

Occupation: Troublemaker

Weapon of Choice: Beatstick

Gruggi Grug-grug can usually be seen hanging around with his wrecking crew, Grak and Grum Grum, causing grief and havock to all who bear witness. Currently his group of orcish ruffians seem to have outsmarted both heroes and villains alike.

Why does nobody stop him!? CAN anyone stop him!? Do we really want him to be stopped or do we want to see him continue to mess with people!? I think you know the answer to that…



Guard Captain Augustin

Comics: 21
Recent Appearance: Chapter 12 - Page 21
First Appearance: Chapter 3 - Page 5

Race: Human

Occupation: Weyrid Guard Captain

Weapon of Choice: Dual Scimitar

Guard Captain Augustin has dedicated his life to protecting the magical city of Weyrid. Or at least that’s what he says.

To outsiders, he may appear to have a pleasant, helpful personality. However, he harbors a bizarre, unjustified hatred of wizards and may actually be the laziest, most execution-happy guard captain that ever existed.




Comics: 5
Recent Appearance: Chapter 3 - Page 17
First Appearance: Chapter 3 - Page 10

Race: Human

Occupation: Turtlemancer

Weapon of Choice: Magically enhanced turtles

The Turtlemancer was once a brilliant magic researcher at Weyrid’s magic academy. He was the guy the other researchers went to if they had a problem, however, his obvious and unnatural love of turtles made him a bit weird and off-putting.

Eventually it came to a point where he solely focused on studying turtles. The magic academy found his studies to be an unproductive waste of money. The Turtlemancer took this as a blessing and retreated to the sewers in order to continue his studies in peace, without having to worry about finding a magical solution to end world hunger.