So you may have noticed that today’s comic is just the lineart. You drop to your knees and yell to the heavens “Why would you do this to me!!??” Or probably not.

I’ve spent a good portion of this year trying to do a life/career overhaul and figuring how to best do it. To say it’s been frustrating is an understatement. I won’t get into specific boring details of my life, but I’ve been wanting to work on bigger, fancier projects and change my work schedule in order to be able to handle said projects while still being able to sleep at some point. I’ve already adjusted my day job side of things, it’s just the comics bit that needed to be sorted out to figure out how to use my time more efficiently.

For the sake of transparency, I’ll say it right now: I’m cheating on Buddy and Friend with a much larger comic project. A behemoth of sorts.

That doesn’t mean that I love this comic any less than I did before. It just means that I want to work on something I’ve dreamed of working on and spent lots of time planning behind the scenes for years and years. And since I can’t have cake, ice cream, pizza and fillet mignon all at the same time, a compromise needs to be made. It was either stop Buddy and Friend completely to work on this other thing or keep the story going, but spend less time on pages.

I really want to keep the story going as we’re more than halfway through and I’ve got lots of great things planned for it. I don’t want to say “hey I’m going on hiatus” and then never return because that’s a terrible thing to do and a slap in the face to the people who have been keeping up thus far. So the story goes on, but the pages will just be black and white. When the whole thing is finished, I’m going to go back and do the colors – perhaps in a giant printed graphic novel version or just sneakily reuploading pages as time goes on.

What does this mean for the Patreon account? I’m closing it and will eventually re-open it for other comic project. I’ll give more info on that project when I start it up, if anyone’s interested. It’s set to launch in October. The Patreon will be launched sometime in 2017 when I have enough material for people to decide if they want to throw money at it.

To those who supported Buddy and Friend all these years, whether it was just reading the comic and leaving silly comments or supporting financially, I humbly thank you and silently wonder what I ever did to deserve such wonderful people <3 Over and out, Hobo