Comics: 7
Recent Appearance: Chapter 7 - Page 12
First Appearance: Chapter 2 - Page 4

Species: Goblins

Special Abilities: Not much

Goblins are considered little more than a minor inconvenience when traversing the forests. Even the greenest, most inexperienced adventurer can take out a goblin single-handedly without much of a problem.

However, goblins can be quite formidable in mass numbers. One or two goblins may not be a problem but stumbling into an angry goblin community may very well lead to your untimely demise.



Goblin King

Comics: 10
Recent Appearance: Chapter 9 - Page 2
First Appearance: Chapter 7 - Page 9

Species: Goblin

Special Abilities: Dance magic and shapeshifting

The goblin king is the most handsome, charismatic goblin that ever existed. For many years, he has attempted to win the heart of Princess Mirina Wellington with no success at all. The princess was quoted saying “Ew, he’s all short and green and shit. And his hair looks way better than mine. I’m totally not into that.”

After a horrible misunderstanding with the royal family, the Goblin King has absolutely no interest in love. Ever. Again.