Comics: 6
Recent Appearance: Chapter 5 - Page 16
First Appearance: Chapter 4 - Page 17

Species: Yeti (duh)

Special Abilities: Sleepy blow darts, yeti strength

Yetis used to be a rare sight in the Northlands, usually keeping to themselves and hunting small creatures for sustenance. Unfortunately, yetis have also suffered the wrath of Olinax, whether they or their woodland prey are consumed by the fierce dragon.

In an attempt to find more food and safer dwellings, yetis have been encroaching upon human territory, causing hostilities between the two races. Yetis hunt humans for food while the Northlanders have hunted yetis for their warm fur because yeti meat is nasty.



Yeti Shaman

Comics: 9
Recent Appearance: Chapter 5 - Page 16
First Appearance: Chapter 4 - Page 18

Species: Yeti

Special Abilities: Sleepy blow darts, yeti strength, magic staff

Despite what can be said about yeti intelligence (or lack of), a yeti shaman is a yeti who decides to pursue magical knowledge in order to gain a better understanding of its surroundings. Much like human shamans, yeti shamans are respected among their communities and often sought after for advice.

Most yeti communities cannot function efficiently without the wisdom and guidance of their shamans.




Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: Chapter 11 - Page 1
First Appearance: Chapter 5 - Page 1

Species: Phoenix

Special Abilities: Fire breath and angry pecking

The phoenix is a very rare creature that involves combining fire with a dead cockatrice and somehow not ending up with something incredibly delicious. Very little is known about it thus far aside from the fact that it has the power to burn everything to the ground.




Comics: 7
Recent Appearance: Chapter 6 - Page 13
First Appearance: Chapter 6 - Page 7

Species: Leviathan

Special Abilities: High pressure water beams and pointy teeth

Contrary to what people may have said about the leviathan, she is a peaceful creature who protects the sea from evil. She will not attack any ship unless she senses the presence of extreme evildoers aboard.

Usually tales of her senselessly attacking are made up by jerks who have no idea what they’ve done wrong.