Comics: 7
Recent Appearance: Chapter 1 - Page 22
First Appearance: Chapter 1 - Page 14

Species: Giant Chicken

Special Abilities: Angry pecking and disarming its opponents

Don’t let the cute, feathery exterior fool you. The cockatrice is vicious and will attack anyone and everyone who comes near it.

Legend has it that the cockatrice has the ability to turn its enemies into stone which is absolute bullshit made up by people who were too embarrassed to admit that they were defeated by a giant fluffy chicken.



Ice Dragon Olinax

Comics: 6
Recent Appearance: Chapter 5 - Page 16
First Appearance: Chapter 2 - Page 7

Species: Ice Dragon

Special Abilities: Ice breath, pointy teeth and claws and flight

Ice Dragon Olinax is feared in Winterfrost and the Northlands alike. When he is hungry, he will raid the nearest village in order to grab a bite. His preferred meal, of course, is human but he will also settle for nasty yeti meat if he’s really hungry.

Leo once tried to avenge his grandfather by attacking Olinax, however, that did not go well for either of them. Leo has lost his axe, which is currently stuck in Olinax’s head.



Spider King

Comics: 7
Recent Appearance: Chapter 2 - Page 23
First Appearance: Chapter 2 - Page 11

Species: Giant Wolf Spider

Special Abilities: Terrible singing, horrid guitar playing and a personality to match

The Spider King is a spoiled brat who always gets his way. Perhaps he is misunderstood and his heart has been worn away by one failed relationship after another. Maybe if we got to know him better, he wouldn’t seem like such a –

Nah, you know what? He’s a total asshole.




Comics: 13
Recent Appearance: Chapter 11 - Page 24
First Appearance: Chapter 3 - Page 11

Species: Teenage Magic Knight Turtles (TM)

Special Abilities: They are mean, green fighting machines

These turtles were once regular, non-magic, non-fighty turtles before the Turtlemancer got his hands on them. For years, he experimented on these innocent amphibians, trying to create the perfect humanoid turtle children. He almost succeeded, however there was no way to keep his new children in line aside from using a mind control staff on them.

Now the staff has been destroyed and the turtles are out there somewhere…